Before and After: 3 Modern Kitchen Makeovers

See how modern color combinations transformed these outdated spaces.

You can’t really go wrong with blue and white in the kitchen. White keeps things light and refreshing while blue can be so many things depending on its tone — soothing, warm, cool, vibrant. Plus, blue complements wood beautifully, so it works great with wood floors, stools, accents and more.

Before: Prior to the renovation, the kitchen had a worn tile floor, dark wood cabinets, a mishmash of appliances and a large fluorescent ceiling light. The wall on the right closed the kitchen off completely to the living room. Not exactly the entertaining kitchen the homeowners were looking for.
After: We removed the wall between the kitchen and living room and replaced it with a peninsula, creating more connection between the two spaces.
White painted semi-custom maple cabinets join creamy off-white walls with a touch of yellow, white subway tile and marble-like quartz countertops for a light and bright look.
The base of the center island gives the kitchen a pop of blue and nods to the home’s vicinity to the beach.
Before: I guess this picture needs no introduction; the white linoleum floors, laminate countertops and honey-colored dated cabinets seemed a no-brainer for a much needed remodeling.
After:  The customer asked us to take down the wall where the existing fridge was and bump out the room 12 feet in the direction of the pizza oven (previously the sink wall) to create a bigger kitchen.
Before: The existing kitchen was poorly and hastily constructed, unnecessarily divided the room and didn’t take advantage of the 11-foot ceilings. All the appliances were crammed together on the shorter wall. There was very little storage, and there were no drawers in this kitchen!
After: We will let the picture speak for itself.

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